A charismatic performer, Arkady is a thrill to watch in concert!

Whether it is his own compositions, or his unusual arrangements of a wide variety of music, Arkady owns the stage and his audiences via an instant bond.

A fluid, organic connection with his band is obvious, as is his passion for the "moment", that feeds off his interactions with the audience!!!



As a multi-woodwind specialist, composer, arranger, and producer -- Arkady thrives in the recording studio environment.

Blowing spontaneous improvisations in a wide range of musical styles; making written solo parts sound fresh as if they were just composed; blending within a horn section, or a woodwind section in a full orchestra, or a reed section of a big band; creating instant arrangements that sound like they were written in advance -- Arkady is a joy to have in a recording studio.

The ideas fly, time flies, cause there is much fun in the air! The producer, recording engineer, and Arkady all breathe as one, and the music comes together quickly, and naturally with ease!

"Remote" over the Internet recording available!


alto, soprano, tenor & baritone saxes
clarinet, E-flat & bass clarinet
flute & piccolo flute, keyboards, arranging



No matter what type and size the occasion -- Arkady delivers the highest "concert caliber" performance, covering a wide spectrum of musical styles.



Arkady is passionate about teaching music, and tries to make time for one-on-one private music instruction in woodwinds, piano, and music theory.

Students can be beginners of all ages, or the professionals, yet Arkady finds "the key" to each one by teaching from the heart, with an open mind and fresh ideas, breaking rules and utilizing technology, and whatever it takes.

Arkady's teaching style is based on his years of experience as a professional musician in New York City, as well as his musical training both in Ukraine, and Manhattan School of Music, where he received a Masters Degree in Music, and was awarded the Andrew Goodman Prize for Best Clarinetist.

Lessons are also available via Video Chat - Skype, FaceTime!!!


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