There are simply too many Names to mention, too much explaining to do... One day I might say more about my frustration with the Topic of Picking Favorites, Ratings, Polls etc... For now, here is a quick hint:

To me, "Favoring" sometimes feels as silly as these questions:

What is your favorite finger, or leg, or toe, or eye, etc.?!

But, "if I had a gun held to my head"... , here is a Very Quick List in Alphabetical Order By Last Name, so to avoid "favoring"...

Bob Berg

Michael Brecker

Randy Brecker 

Vinnie Colaiuta

Ronnie Cuber

Farmers Market

Alex Kofman

Mason Brothers Quintet

Dick Oatts 

Charlie Parker 

Amazing Slower Downer -- Change Pitch and Speed independently and quickly, with easy-to-use Keyboard Shortcuts! Make Loops and more!!! It's a great Tool for Practicing! I can't praise this app enough! Its iOS Version is also very useful! Excellent Tech Support, as this app's author replies directly and promptly! 

Jazz Ear Training - Great Learning Tool for all musicians!!! -- Train your ears, refresh your knowledge of music theory! 

FinaleMusic Notation Software...

SADLY, they have discontinued Phone Tech Support!!! I hope they will bring it back ASAP! Phone Tech Support is what used to set Finale apart from their comptetitors, which did not offer it!

Their present Policy, Email Support Only, is very frustrating to me, and I bet many of their customers too!

I might start a Finale Poll-Petition on my Facebook Page. Here is an easy-to-remember Redirecting Link to that Page

Please feel free to type something like, "I Agree", or "I Disagree" in your Comment under that Finale Poll-Petition.

You do not have to "Like" that Page, or me :) , in order to Comment on that Page, but if you do, Thank You!!!

I already let Finale Support and that company Managment know how strongly I feel about this issue! I did it verbally and in writing! They assured me that I will not be "blacklisted" for expressing my opinion publicly! I hope that they have actually meant it!

I'll have more to say about this topic on that Page etc. The more Support I will get from my fellow Finale Users-Customers, the LOUDER our Message of Disappointment will be, and thus, hopefully, harder to ignore!

Thank you in advance for joining me in this  effort to Bring Back Phone Tech Support for Finale!

MOTU -- Digital Audio software & hardware!

In contrast to Finale, these guys have Phone Support!!!, and it's been fantastic over the years! Nicest, knowledgeable, caring people, in Boston, USA! I can not compliment them enough!!! Thank you, MOTU!!!

Music Ace -- great software to start learning music - music related quotes, very creatively presented, translated in multiple languages

Time Management - Randy Pausch Lecture video. It had a huge impact on me! 

Need blank music paper? -- download a Blank 10 Staves 8.5x11' Sheet .pdf  (this my own, simple), Free!!!  - let's you configure sheet paper before you print it, GREAT, Free!!!

More blank paper -- various instrumentations, Free!!! 

Apple -- world's greatest Personal Computers, iPhone, iPad, iPod and more... 

Final Cut Pro X - Professional video editing, color grading, and motion graphics on the Mac.
Advanced audio editing · Multicam editing · ProRes RAW · Step up from iMovie · 360 VR creation


Music & Brain Podcast - Real scientist sharing some great knowledge that will inspire & educate not only "civilians", but musicians too! "Innerview" - jazz artists profiles. Very tastefully done! Should be fun for both musicians and not!... -- Hey, if you want to know about teeth, talk to a dentist, and, if you want to know about music, talk to a musician:)!

Before The Music Dies - a movie about the Music Business from the insider's point of view!!! So I'll say it again -- if you want to know about teeth, talk to a dentist, and, if you want to know about music, talk to a musician:)!

JazzVideoGuy - Bret Primak's YouTube page, this Michael Brecker Video Interview - Tribute is great!!!

In Honor of Michael Brecker - Great Facebook Group dedicated to one of my biggest heroes, Michael Brecker



MacCast -- great source of Mac info, I can't recommend it enough. Substance, yet not snotty


Mac OS Ken -- Daily Mac News Podcast, humor, and never long enough for me

The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast

The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast

SuperDuper! -- Clone your entire Hard Drive =  sleep nice! = not backing up your computer is like flying without a parachute! If your Hard Drive dies, you can start from the Clone Hard Drive, and be like new again, restoring your Internal Hard Drive, if it can be done, or its replacement! This is a must-have! Mac only, product!

Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes - is EXTREMELY helpful tool for batch-renaming metadata, i.e. fields in iTunes! Among my favorites Scripts are: 

Search-Replace Tag Text - Think - I'll play-record it first, and then I'll decide later what to call it! And thus, this Script is a hugely helpful to me as a musician, because I can always rename my recorded tracks later, in batches! Then I sync those recordings to my iPhone, and have them with me on-the-go, searchable as text, or even by voice with Siri!

Append to Selected Tag  

I hope that Apple NEVER EVER kills AppleScript, because my life as a musician would be unthinkable without this great tool! Thank you again and AGAIN, Dear Doug Adams  !!! 

Flip4Mac™ -- DISCONTINUED! It used to play Windows Media files (.wma and .wmv) directly in QuickTime (Free Download), more info here - Unfortunately there are still some websites out there which require such outdated functionality!

Other World Computing -- great place to buy Hard Drives and more Apple Hardware... These guys are "people" people! They really know the tech fine print, cause they use a lot of products they sell. I know that first hand. They are not looking for a quick sale, while disregarding customers' true needs. The whole OWC vibe is great

Giant Steps etc -- played by musical robots! ( Thanks, Michael Brecker, for this Link, and everything else!!!)

Giant Steps --  a brilliant short film based on music by John Coltrane


Robo-Pong -- Table Tennis Practicing Robot

Table Tennis Videos -- Amazing players!!!!! Must see!!!

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