There are simply too many Names to mention, too much explaining to do... One day I might say more about my frustration with the Topic of Picking Favorites, Ratings, Polls etc... For now, here is a quick hint:

To me, "Favoring" sometimes feels as silly as these questions:

What is your favorite finger, or leg, or toe, or eye, etc.?!

But, "if I had a gun held to my head"... :), here is a Very Quick List in Alphabetical Order By Last Name, so to avoid "favoring"...

Bob Berg

Michael Brecker

Randy Brecker 

Vinnie Colaiuta

Ronnie Cuber

Farmers Market

Alex Kofman

Mason Brothers Quintet

Dick Oatts 

Charlie Parker 

Amazing Slower Downer -- Change Pitch and Speed Independently, simply and quickly! Make Loops and more

Jazz Ear Training - Great for any musicians

"The Ear Trainer" -- good for the beginners -- Train your ears, refresh your knowledge of music theory

Finale -- the world standard for creating, editing and printing sheet music

MOTU -- digital audio software & hardware

Music Ace -- great software to start learning music - music related quotes, very creatively presented, translated in multiple languages

Time Management - Randy Pausch Lecture

Need blank music paper? -- download a Blank 10 Staves 8.5x11' Sheet .pdf  (this my own, simple)  - let's you configure sheet paper before you print it, GREAT, FREE 

More blank paper -- various instrumentations, FREE

Apple -- world's greatest Personal Computers, iPhone, iPad, iPod and more...

MacMinute, MacNN, MacSurfer -- Apple-Mac related news, reviews etc.

Audio and Video on your iPhone, iPad & iPod


Music & Brain discussed by scientists! Priceless iTunes Podcasts Series that will inspire ALL! This link will launch it on iTunes on your computer. If not, just Search iTunes under: Music and the Brain. This is not an Infomercial, where they try to sell you a CD/DVD so that you, or your kid, become smarter overnight:)! It’s real scientist sharing some great knowledge that will inspire & educate not only "civilians", but musicians too! I’d love to do a concert with my band, where the audience includes a lot of kids and their parents, all of whom have already heard all of those Podcasts, and prepared their own Q’s. It could be a fun Play & Tell Performance, plus Q & A! "Innerview" -- jazz artists profiles. Very tastefully done! Should be fun for both musicians and not!... -- Hey, if you want to know about teeth, talk to a dentist, and, if you want to know about music, talk to a musician:)!

Before The Music Dies -- a movie about the Music Business from the insider's point of view!!! So I'll say it again -- if you want to know about teeth, talk to a dentist, and, if you want to know about music, talk to a musician:)!

JazzVideoGuy  -- Bret Primak's YouTube page, this Michael Brecker Video Interview - Tribute is great!!!


 MacCast -- great source of Mac info, I can't recommend it enough. Substance, yet not snotty

 Mac OS Ken -- Daily Mac News Podcast, humor, and never long enough for me

SuperDuper! -- Clone your entire Hard Drive =  sleep nice! = not backing up your computer is like flying without a parachute! If your Hard Drive dies, you can start from the Clone Hard Drive, and be like new again, restoring your Internal Hard Drive, if it can be done, or its replacement! This is a must-have! Mac only, product!

Flip4Mac™ -- play Windows Media files (.wma and .wmv) directly in QuickTime (Free Download), more info here

Other World Computing -- great place to buy Hard Drives and more Apple Hardware... These guys are "people" people! They really know the tech fine print, cause they use a lot of products they sell. I know that first hand. They are not looking for a quick sale, while disregarding customers' true needs. The whole OWC vibe is great!!

Giant Steps etc -- played by musical robots! ( Thanks, Michael Brecker, for this Link, and all else!!!)

Giant Steps --  a brilliant short film based on music by John Coltrane


Robo-Pong -- Table Tennis Practicing Robot

Table Tennis Videos -- Amazing players!!! Must see!!!!

Connect with Arkady!!!


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