Live @ Bowery Poetry Club, New York City

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Race, like color, Race like speed
Race, like money -- what's your creed?
Life like Rat Race -- all small stuff  
Money never is enough
We're sweating... what's the goal? --
I would rather feed my soul

Some say Karma -- I don't know
All I want is just to grow
As an artist -- that's my goal
Minus selling my one soul

Abstract sounds, twisted words --
Guns or roses, strokes or swords
Some will like, and some will hate
Add to that dark concept – Fate!

So we chase our own dreams
Yielding often to the whims
Slaves and owners of the mind
Seeking happiness to find 

Making memories for others
Seeking mothers, seeking fathers
In our mates, among our friends… 
Now Psychobabble ends!

                        July 18-20 2002

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tenor sax, music & poetry

Thank You to TN for shooting this video!


Arkady - "Ray" - Live in Tokyo (to Ray Charles, with love! )

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The music of Ray Charles has always been one of Arkady's biggest musical inspirations! As a teenager, back in Kiev, Ukraine, Arkady composed "Ray" as part of his mental "composite sketch" image of America that he was yearning to discover someday! That Big Dream came true!!!

As a musician in New York City, Arkady came to realize how • PERSONALLY • he always took Ray Charles' music, and how that music has always connected so many personal memories in Arkady's own life!

When Arkady's other Big Dream, of someday discovering Japan, came true, he chose to perform "Ray" on a concert stage in Tokyo! The music took on a whole new meaning! It became a series flashbacks, where Arkady found himself delirious, and in a big jetlag, on The Other Side of the Globe, East of his Birthplace, the (former) USSR, and West of his New Home in New York City, LIVING his Biggest Dream --


Blurring Time and Places on the Timeline of Flashbacks, with Arkady's own photos, and the ones he took of a TV screen, this Slideshow is meant to express all of the above, and more, in a very • PERSONAL • way!

Made public on September 23, 2010, on the 80th Anniversary of Ray Charles' Birth, this video, with "Ray" as its soundtrack, is Arkady's heartfelt THANK YOU to the Immortal Genius of Ray Charles!

On a funny note:), "Can't Make It Up!!!", as far as Video Thumbnail...

Out of that entire Slideshow, YouTube allowed a choice of only 3 Frames, as Thumbnail Image for this video! None of those 3 were Ray Charles! One of them was Arkady and his late dog, whose name was not Ray, but Dinah:)! So that was an easy choice, which also gave Arkady an excuse to share one of his poems about "her"...

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soprano sax, composer, photos, video

ARKADY - "Vahaviosim" - Live In LA... and FREEZING!!!


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soprano sax
Mark Falchook

Video by Adam Irizarry

It was a chilly 50F/10C night, on April Fools Day in Los Angeles! We were playing outdoors, without space heaters!

ARKADY is wearing several layers of clothes to keep warm at all costs -- not the best way to be seen on camera, which adds 10lbs:)!! Although, it could be a good look for a late night TV Weight Loss Infomercial Program, the "Before" photo...:):):)!!!

THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!! -- Ice Cold horn and fingers, and the band freezing on the stage -- "perfect":) for playing a soulful ballad:)!... Unless one is performing at a Polar Bears Awards Dinner?!, or on the David Letterman Show:):):)?! And I am not kidding about Letterman. The musicians colleagues who have done it before, they know to wear long coats. I remember a few guys wearing long black coats in addition to, or instead of a jacket! And I got photos to prove it!

When Dave was pointing at Arkady, he could have been talking about Arkady as a baby,

or about cold temperatures effects... ?! But let's keep it clean... !!!

So, no matter what, as they say, THE SHOW MUST GO ON! Hey, that's Show Biz for you...

And, here are a some other coincidences that come to mind:

  • the 1st recording session of Arkady - The Other Side CD was on April Fools Day!
  • And guess which company was founded on April Fools Day? - Apple!!!

And there more, but then we are gonna be here all day, getting maybe too personal, plus, I often doubt that people with their busy lives bother to reading it...

The Flight of the Bumblebee

(read about this piece)

by Nikolay A. Rimsky-Korsakov (read about this composer)

Clarinet, Photos & Video by ARKADY


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Traveling Musicians Abused! Horror Stories & Links!


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I made this video as "quick" iMovie Project. The Goal was to SPREAD THE WORD about this topic. Hope you can help with that, given how important it is to the musicians, proffessional or not!

In the next Version 2.0 of this video, I will add more Text Overlays -- a "counterpoint", context specific to the News Reporters' Comments, in order to make this video more Information Rich...

WARNING: If you Embedded this Video, Version 1.0, or shared the Direct Links to it, those Links might not work with the next Version 2.0, and the Comments and Views Count will not be transferred --  such are YouTubes current limitations. So, it would be best to Bookmark Arkady's YouTube Page, and this page so that we stay in touch... 

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