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December 2 , 2009

Choosing a PIM that Syncs my Mac and iPhone, after I have "liberated" my Palm Treo - Palm Desktop Notes...

The iTunes App Store Reviews were less than stellar about this New Product: Chronos - NoteLife for iPhone. Here are Google Search Results on its Mac Companion Application, SOHO Notes.

On their website this paragraph caught my eye right away: "Attachments made easy", cause it sounds like the Palm Desktop concept that I've lived with for years: Attach Contacts to Notes to establish Relationships.

Then I saw their SOHO Organizer page. It looks like the next generation Palm Desktop, which used to be Claris Organizer, thus word "Organizer" is probably not too much of a coincidence...:)!?!

As I look through the "58 ways SOHO Organizer helps you manage your life", I see that it Supports Sync Services, thus, and thus my Data is not too Trapped, except maybe for Notes, which is my main area of Interest.

New York Times Technology Columnist, David Pogue, seems to endorse iData3 with the following statement at the top of their home page which includes the following quote:

"but my freeform database has been growing since about 1988 and I’m not about to convert it."

I wonder which of these he'd pick if he was in my situation -- migrating from Palm Desktop & Palm Treo 700p...

iData3 web site is definitely not as slick as Chronos', but I'd rather not base my decisions on the glitzy web design, but rather on Features, Stability, Ease of use, and great TECH SUPPORT!!!

The Missing Sync for iPhone doesn't look very impressive, and I heard that it was problematic.

Filemaker's Bento was way too cryptic, and hardly anyone at 2 Apple Stores I stopped by knew anything about it...

I'll wait till Chronos - NoteLife for iPhone App Store Reviews Reviews improve! Tech Support is a huge concern for me! I'll research this more, and see how well the developers respond to my Q's! I'll be contacting both Chronos - NoteLife for iPhone and iData3. Ideally, I'd love to see a Chart to Compare all Features head to head... I'll keep an eye on what others are saying...

Chronos Suit seems like Microsoft Office's Entourage replacement. I am using Entourage 2004, but for Email only, cause I am not too thrilled about it as a PIM (Personal Information Management)! Way too slow and unstable! That's why I stayed with the original combination of Palm Desktop & Palm Treo 700p.

I am glad to finally see the Supply and Demand for Mac and iPhone Notes Syncing that is FOR REAL! Better yet, I like it as as a PIM, but... Having my data trapped in a Closed Proprietray Format is a Concern -- I don't want to be held hostage any one company, and see it go out of business, like Claris Organizer and Palm Desktop!

I'd be curious to know what solutions my friends have chosen and why!

November , 2009 

Migrating my Palm Treo - Palm Desktop Notes to iPhone... The "Great Escape"

I am pretty sure how I am gonna Liberate my Palm Desktop & Palm Treo 700p Notes... Shortly, I'll share my email exchange with a Developer whose Conduit will be my Esacpe Route. Then I'll have to find a way to get my Notes into Chronos - NoteLife for iPhone and or iData3 and see which works best for me! Stay tuned...

July 12, 2008

iGlitch - iNOTCatostrophy - iNOT_like someone died!!



All cell carriers have COVERAGE ISSUES! In a couple of years with LTE or WiMax that would be less of a problem or non issue! NY Times' DAVID POGUE!!! It's about time someone of his stature makes NOISE about the carriers!!!!
> So now that the smoke is finally clearing, are there now reports of happy
> users with positives and negatives about the phone itself?

It's The Day After iPocalypse, and Black "i" for the iPhone (those were the NYC newspapers headlines on page 6?)

I just stopped by at ATT store near me.... They had a Line Barrier for earlier in the AM outside the store... People were there earlier on the rumor that there will be a shipment of iPhones later today! So, ATT store is talking pre-orders. The staff in the store seemed classier then at Verizon, but I'll be nice and spare you the details.

I played with the iPhone a little and I was able to turn on Multiple Keyboards (Russian in addition to English). Pressing on the Globe Icong allowed me to toggle between those. Only Russian Keyboard was not Transliterated, but an actual (old fashioned). To me, typing on it was like trying to drive, as if London and NYC traffic rules alternate every other block, but in a way it's fun... Reminds me of switching from Old German System Clarinet to French Fingering Clarinet...

So, now I can write Russian Poetry and emails on the go - UNTHINKABLE till now! And the Transliterated Keyboard could be FIXED via Software! (Someone PLEASE write that!!!!!!!!!!!)

As I was walking home from the ATT store, I saw a few people I saw there yesterday. They recognized me and asked if there was a new shipment today!

A guy got on a list yesterday, cause he wanted to buy 5-6 of them for his business!

A cab driver with little English, probably doesn't even have a computer -- he heard about GPS on iPhone!

A Chinese guy wanted to watch TV on it! Also hardly spoke English!

So.... There goes the STEREOTYPE that iPhone is for RICH, ELITIST, mostly MAC Users!

July 11, 2008 -- These were my thoughts on iPhone Roll Out iGlitch:

Yep, a Glitch... But every other company would have been ecstatic to have such Glitch:


The Glitch will be resolved quickly, unlike the Glitch called Windows OS, that the world has accepted as NORM for DECADES!

What Apple did was UNPRECEDENTED, and there is no REHEARSAL for that scale of production! There is no REHEARSAL FOR LIFE (I think there is even an expression like that, right?)

If others could have done what Apple did, they would have done it!

Monday Night Quarter Backing:

MAYBE they could have had the iPhone 2.0 Update available prior to 7/11/08, instead of all on one day! We all can come up with lots of MAYBE's, but we don't know what APPLE KNOWS, and thus, throwing stones is unfair, I think...

Apple had a long streak of almost No Hitters/Perfect Games (to borrow from baseball)... Those are a RARE EXCEPTION, and APPLE got us used to those! Let the new streak begin! Or let this streak inhale, and burp sometimes!:)

Having learned from this glitcht, Apple, by having pushed this envelope, will break away even further from all its competitors!

The Apple Haters will try to dance about this, but when iPone/ Paradigm will quickly settle into its groove:), the competitors will still be left with JOKES-iPhone Wanna Be's "Killers"...

I stopped by Verizon on 7/11/08, and tried their Smart Phone called Dare! How "Dare" they put such garbage on the store shelves! A block away, with all the Glitch Chaos, ATT Store was ALL SOLD OUT!

RIM BLACKBERRIES WERE DOWN TOO for 1-3 (?) days not too long ago, and I don't think anyone died! Same with this iPhone 3G Roll Out -- NOBODY DIED! People just had to take a deep breath, and come back later -- a few hours, or a days maybe!


  • Columbus discovering America (or whomever did)!
  • Ships becoming Cruise Lines
  • Airplanes becoming Airlines
  • Moon Landing
  • Running Messengers becoming Instant Messages
  • Cave Art becoming Artwork on iTunes:)!

So, a few hours is not so bad! And, if people lost data -- too bad! Why? Cause EVERYONE SHOULD BACK UP DAILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and Time Machine!!!


Have you tried Palm Treo's? Have you tried Tethering through them from your Laptop, just like it said on my Treo 700p Retail Box? And that was through Verizon, which claims a great, fast Network! BS!!!!!!!!!! Drop Calls, No Signal in NYC, not Sahara! So, let's not dump on ATT being the root of all evil!

Have you tried Palm OS, and it's Crashes, or 15 Categories Limit, and ANYONE making Applications that would bring down the entire Palm OS Device, and then GOOD LUCK getting anyone on the phone, and when you do, they teach you how to play Software Incompatibility Detective Troubleshooting, to see which Application caused the crash! Reinstalls that took HOURS!

Also, longer than 1 year since I bought Treo 700p in Summer 2006, Palm FINALLY offered a Firmware Updater, and recalled it after a week!!! Then they re-introduced it and people had to buy extra SD Cards, cause they couldn't do it over the air, or via USB from their computers. They had to go and have Verizon or Spring Tech's do it at the store! Compare THAT to a few hours ONE TIME delay with iPhone 3G Rollout WORLDWIDE ON THE SAME DAY!!!!

I've had Palm OS devices since 1999 = 9 YEARS, and Palms went on sale a few years prior to that! iPhone is barely ONE YEAR OLD!!!


Hey, it's not like every computer instantly died and blew up, setting everyone's home on fire! So, let's not scream fire! pretend like millions of new cars didn't start on the 1st turn of ignition key, in sync all at the same time, worldwide!

Instead of getting HYSTERICAL, maybe some folks could go for a walk, or watch a movie, or give their dogs an extra walk:), or wife and extra kiss, or read their kids a book! OK:)?!

All this "Glitch stuff" will be SMALL when you sit with your iPhone on a nice day somewhere outside, and have the WORLD in your hands! Glitches happen, even to Apple! NOBODY IS PERFECT!

Asking Columbus to Discover America INSTANTLY, with 3G and WiFi and Downloadable Snacks on every corner -- that's a tall order even for Apple! But, speaking of Take Out:), and


  • Copy and Paste
  • Editing of Documents (Word, Pages, PDF etc.)
  • Memo-Notes 2 Way Syncing
  • Spotlight Search
  • Adobe Flash Support
  • Removable Battery
  • Card Slot for External Storage
  • Wireless Bluetooth (in Ear Headphones, with Noice Cancellation!) 
  • Video Recording (natively)
  • Audio Recording (natively)
  • Flash on the Photo Camera
  • Skype or some Voice over IP
  • Solar Charging
  • SMS and Phone Call Log Syncing (natively)
  • Voice and Internet at the same time while on 3G, not just on WiFi

Hey, it's not like I am ALL APPLE PROPAGANDA HERE:)! But still, I can't wait till the MADNESS SETTLES to buy iPhone 3G and the Upgraded MacBook Pro!

Then NO MORE Palm Treo 700P... (and I once was a huge fan of Palm!)

  • strapping myself into my Gadgets Belt: Treo Phone, Camera, iPod
  • wondering if I just heard the phone ring, particularly on a noisy street etc.
  • looking to Pause iPod to Answer the Phone, and then Resume Rlayback
  • waiting for Email (Verizon, Treo) for 5 MINUTES!, but that's only on paper, cause in reality it could be HOURS!
  • waiting for Voicemail Notifications (Verizon) CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? Let's hope ATT is better with that, and Coverage OBVIOUSLY! They ALL are far from perfect! Drop calls are almost norm...

In a YEAR I'll get another iPhone, and this one will become my SPARE or a GIFT!

According to NY Times' David Pogue here:


> UPDATE: It looks like the App Store’s army of programmers are making quick
> work of the iPhone’s missing standard features. So far, you can install apps
> that restore video recording, voice dialing, radio and instant messaging to
> the iPhone. No word yet on an app that adds copy/paste, MMS sending or a
> removable battery.

Mobile Me <> looks GREAT, and it's speed and glitches will be ironed out! Hey, it's only 1 day OLD:)! But the CONCEPT is INCREDIBLE!

OK, I gotta go practice, before I forget how to play saxophone:)! Peace to all!


"Mutual sincerity is the cause of most fights!"
                              -- a quote off Russian TV

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