Who is Gadgetman you know? --
We are all kids, we love toys:
Some play market, some play music,
We all have our “little” joys

Some will often say “That’s silly!”,
’Cause they don’t understand --
We can have our own salad --
Recipes are vast like sand

Everywhere scripts are written,
Not just Mac or Bill’s “PC”,
Every day someone is smitten,
Call that silly - Cest la vie!

MRI’s, cat(CT) scans, cell phones,
Serve humanity -- us all,
May we never break our bones,
May no one have broken soul

Gadgetmen are pioneers
Who seek better, quicker ways
To solve our daily issues,
Disregarding digs and nays

Who’s a Gadgetman you know?
Go to the mirror, look!
Blow a kiss and say hello
For a better outlook!

                            Wednesday, January 20, 1999, 7:03:12 PM

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