NOVEMBER 10-28, 2007

In support of my fellow musicians during the Broadway Stagehands Strike, November 10-28, 2007, I have donated my web design and consulting services to a website that I have only recently started developing for a colleague. A true Broadway veteran, John Moses has been emailing me his latest strike updates daily, which I've been posting on his website almost instantly!

Given the URGENCY of that strike situation, I developed a whole new respect for the journalists and media in general. The way those media people have to meet deadlines -- daily, with quality, and in time to keep up with the live events etc. -- that's so AMAZING! There have been times when I have updated that Strike Page from the gigs, and on the go from my Mac laptop! WiFi, a few keystrokes, and it's all there for the world to see 24/7. But of course, I would have preferred if there was no strike in the first place!

It seems so silly, since both sides knew what the strike deadline was, and with proper software, they could have modeled a what if hypothetical $$$, with and without strike losses, and possible settlement $$##, without "all that jazz" of drama... With all those Kid Games, such software what if would have been simple, and saved $$ and health for all, without distroying peoples lives -- musicians, actors, dancers etc. And how about the tourists, who couldn't get refunds on hotels and airlines, because of that IDIOTIC STRIKE!!!! But then again, all this heartache doesn't even begin to compare to things like war or Global Warming, so I better stop this mini rant now!!!


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