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Randy Pausch Lecture: Time Management

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Carnegie Mellon University - Time Management - Randy Pausch


You can watch or hear it right there in iTunes, or you can Subscribe to that Free Podcast and Download it. Then you can watch it, or listen to it when you are Offline, i.e. not connected to Internet.

Dr. Pausch was a brilliant man, and he will inspire you! See all other videos of that man (new hero of mine) that you can find on YouTube or anywhere!!! Or here is:

Diane Sawyer and ABC did a great job! This Last Lecture is priceless, and after hearing all of it, I can't wait to see it. Of course, for me, the best place to see videos would be on a plain, flying to some fun place:), as part of a nice tour with my band, playing great tunes, and being treated with respect! But, if you don't have your own band to tour with, who is to stop you from watching that, or any other video on your iPhone 3G ( bring your charger, just in case !!! ), or iPod, or listening to it as an audio track only. Of course, audio uses less battery. And who is to stop you from Downloading both Video and Audio versions, so that you'll have a choice later?

"Dreams come true!" -- Dr Pausch says on Oprah Show

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