Tascam MSR-16 Tape Machine, Reel to Reel, half inch tape recorder

Ashly Dual Channel Compressor/Limiter Model CL52E

Ashly Four Channel Noise Gate Model SG35E

Allen and Heath CMC-24 Mixer Board with extra Wire Snake, 8 x 1/4 Inch on each end

I bought that mixer at the same time as the above listed items. These are in almost new condition!!! I bought them brand new in 1990 at Manny's, on 48th St., in NYC. I did some recording on it till mid 1990's -- maybe 150-200 total hours?, including this Album.

I am looking to sell it all, including these: 

Roland R8 Drum Machine with a Backup Card

MOTU Midi Time Piece (Serial)

Kurtzweil Ensemble Expander 1000EX sound module

Korg M1R sound module, needs a Battery Replacement

MOTU 2408 MKII Firewire Audio Midi Interface

MOTU 828 MKII Firewire Audio Midi Interface - maybe for sale...


Yamaha DX-7 II Keyboard

Click on each Item-Link to Learn More! I already Googled it for you!

  • I am selling all this gear because I have moved to all Digital Audio.
  • For those who use Vintage Analog equipment, these items could be a good buy.
  • I have the manuals.
  • I am the original owner of all these items, except for DX-7 II, which I bought from someone that I used to work with regularly! I've never had a problem with that keyboard, as it's been sitting in the rack in my studio!
  • I am a musician, not a dealer, reseller...
  • It's all plugged in, so people can come over to check it all out.
  • I prefer selling all these items as package, but they could be sold separately too.
  • I am not very eager to ship this stuff, particularly the larger items. I prefer to sell it locally, in NYC area!
  • Serious Inquiries are welcome!

Even if you are not interested, please share this info with those who might be! Thanks!




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