The Other Side

this Album includes Hasidic songs arranged in a Jazz idiom with rock, fusion, world beat, and big band elements mixed in; as well as Arkady's original compositions.

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1. Belzer 

2. Vahaviosim 

3. Bubee!!! 

4. Sesame and Cream Cheese ala Bobov

5. Arkady's Hora

6. KoOmar 

7. Arkady's Debka 

8. The Other Side 


Arkady, saxophones (alto, soprano, tenor, baritone), flute

bass - tracks 1, 7, 8
keyboards - track 8
rhythm guitar - track 8
trumpet solo - track 1

This recording was engineered and mastered by A. T. Michael MacDonald


How can I Download this Album?  

Not yet, but starting with the next Album, all future Arkady recordings will be on iTunes, plus other Download Sites, and possibly on CD Baby for the actual CD's. "The Other Side" Album will be available for Download too, and it might be reissued on a CD.

If you'd like to Buy "The Other Side" Album sooner, on a CD - Original Version! Soon to be a "Collector's Item"! Autographed, Thanking you by name! - Contact Us, while the limited supply lasts...

When is the next Arkady Album coming out?

Work in progress... Thanks for your Support! Here is how you can stay tuned:

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