Fun Gig$
South Beach, Miami, Florida
The "Versace Gig"...

On less then 2 hours of sleep, I flew to this gig on the morning of! As I waited for my turn during the soundcheck, I wondered if the former owner of this house, Gianni Versace, ever took a dip in that pool?
Maybe his guests like: Elton, Princess Diana, Sting etc. did swim in it, behind these walls, away from the civilians and paparazzis, etc..., on The Other Side of life:)!?!
Ocean Drive, South Beach, Miami - ocean is on the right Across the street from the Casa Casuarina   
I liked this guy's shoes, so I shot him during the soundchek! Russian Food! - "Killing!", just like the Casa...
Then it's down to Bu$ine$$! It was $ome Private Event! Production! Almost 8 hours.! Potap & Nastya - Потап и Настя (Russian Hip Hop Duo) "killed"! I am a fan now! Witty Lyrics!!! Nice couple, fun hang, GREAT VIDEOS! Talent knows no borders! From, Kiev my home town! Makes me PROUD! Internet - The Great Equalizer:)!
Waking up to the palm trees after a gig - nice! I love Black on Yellow! Wish I had time to rent one!
Lincoln Road, South Beach, Miami - a fun place, perfect for killing a few hours before airport:)!
I think it's a Blue Bear, or something... Apple Store!  -- Location, Location, Location!
Did you hug your iPhone today?
This guy offered to put his snake on me, but no, thanks:)! This guy was a great sport and posed like a pro...
"Send In The Clowns" - not just a song, but a living...?! Palm trees go nicely with strolling, or people watching...
Chabad House - ready Save! Victoria Secret Store right behind it! Happy Trails, Tails and Tales:)!
These 2 Tails in the restaurant and their parents were nice, and agreed to be photographed! Happy Place and People!
This Tail was OD'ing on the Pedestrian Love! Michigan Ave is not for Chicago only...
"Lean On Me" - not just a song! Red, Blue = United Bears:)! Colony Theater. Good luck to the musicians loading in!
Segue! When I grow up, maybe I'll buy a couple? Or maybe I'll get into rollerskating?:)!
Who's that Man In The Mirror:)?!
Bright Pants! All invited to this older lady's restaurant! Or grab a cheesecake, and jump on a bike!?
I shot these folks doing a photoshoot! Strike a pose!:)! With all the street vibe and colors, who needs a hookah?
Maybe next time I'll rent that Yellow on Black cart? Or one of these:)!? If I was a rich man! Or am I:)?!
Read to eat, but bathroom first, greated by Jackie Gleason, and the ladies at Jerry's Deli on Collins Ave, South Beach
Bette Midler! Hey, Liza can't do it all by herself:)! Tuna Melt outside, people watching = $16.50 + $3.50 tip
I love Yellow, perfect for a Beetle - a "hug me" car! Off to the Airport, under the red sky...
Paul - great driver from & back to the airport! Amigo loves music! With my CD. I'll try to get him more customers!
My hotel room was 305, like Miami Area Code, plus this!? I know this East Side NYC doorman - small world!
Half Time Show during SuperBowl - Bruce & Clarens, too bad the interference during take off killed it!
Extra prayers on a flight - it's like chicken soup:)! Screens, SuperBowl in the air! Fun!

Very exciting game it was! JetBlue with Individual TVs - that's how it should be on all airlines, plus Power Outlets at every seat for laptops, etc; Free WiFi, and No Abuse of Musicians traveling with their insturments

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This was the soundtrack I heard as I was checking out of the hotel. I think its vibe fits this place!

Llego La Orquesta

You can Buy It and the rest of that "United We Swing" Album by The Spanish Harlem Orchestra on iTunes!


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