"Axes" On Board…

Spread the word, trumpet your gourd!
Let us carry our "axes" on board!
We play to live, this is our pay!
Let our axes make brighter day!

Let music heal, our "axes" don’t kill,
Please legislate a “Mo’ Better” Bill! 
So we can travel, minus the fear
Of being parted with from what we hold dear

“Axe” is just slang, “horns”, or strings… 
World would be safer, if everyone sings!
“Kill” can be slang too, like “burning lick”,
Check it out, call this a schtick --

I don’t care, just let us fly,
And carry our "axes" on board to the sky,
They are no luggage, thrown and lost!
Treasured like limbs, prized beyond cost! 
No two are the same, like DNA,
Most musicians earn low pay,
Lucky to work, yet blessed to dream,
Why make them beg, plead, cry, or scream!?!?!

TSA, Airlines, greed, power play!!! -- 
Please legislate a “Mo’ Better” Way! 
If need be, OK, I will play you a song,
If that’s what it takes to right the wrong!

            Thursday, February 21, 2008, 2:30 – 3:23 PM

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As you can see, I get pretty emotional about this TOPIC....

When this Opening came to me,

Spread the word, trumpet you gourd!
Let us carry our axes on board!

as usual, I knew I had a poem knocking on my soul...

Weaving in these "enharmonic common word-tones" was particularly fun:

gourd shell used as a musical instrument; luckily for this poem, it also means crazy...
pay salary... we are professional musicians, and our instruments are our tools of the trade
Axe is a slang for musical instruments -- I used the quotations to make it more obvious
horns slang for wind instruments, although word horns has other meanings too
strings meant as string instruments, although word strings has other meanings too...
Mo' Better is less than proper English, which I borrowed from Spike Lee's "Mo' Better Blues":). I've used it earlier in my other poem called Save...
Bill synonym for Law (in case word legislate didn't give it away enough...)
schtick Yiddish word, sometimes found in general usage... See examples:)!
TSA Transportation Security Administration - U.S. Department of Homeland Security



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