Straight ahead and no regret,
No one can Save Internet,
No Save As, and no Save All,
Maybe Body, but not Soul

One can cram, or just stay cool,
Planet Earth is our school,
You can run, or you can hide,
But remember -- life's a ride

There'll never be another
You, or me, or someone else,
Once I had me older brother… 
Family and friends are wealth

Michael Brecker is still standing
Tall through cancer and the pain,
May God Save this Quiet Giant
Who has graced the Jazz Terrain

Shifting Times, to roam is home -- 
Age of Cyber Universe,
Michael needs Mo' Quick Genome -- 
I am praying through this verse

Challenges, or Ups and Downs,
We all face, that's nothing new,
Michael's praying through the sound --
Eastern European Jew

May we all find quiet moments
Every day to take deep breath,
Straight ahead, and then, who knows?
What's ahead on our path?

                                  Friday, 8/31 & Saturday, 9/1/2006

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At the end of August 2006, as I was emailing back and forth with Michael, as it is often the case, one Mac enthusiast to another, we shared our tips and thoughts. The topic of Saving Videos from YouTube came up. Michael was very happy when I showed him how to do it. Soon afterwards, the following thought came to my mind: 

How many hard drives will it take to Download and Save YouTube, never mind the entire Internet:)!? That's how this poem was conceived, as I was walking on the street, and heard its openning line in my head...

Given the context of Michael's situation, where he is fighting for his life against CANCER, I couldn't resist some puns ideas. The Jazz musicians would be most likely to catch those puns, but just in case, I'll try to explain a few things...

Body And Soul -- a jazz standard

There Will Never Be Another You  -- a jazz standard

Once I had me older brother… -- my brother, Alex

"Shifting Times" - I meant VCR taping or TiVo and similar Digital Video Recorders

"to roam is home..." -- roaming on cell phone, or on Internet, anywhere... 

"Mo' Quick" -- a less than proper English, which I borrowed from Spike Lee's "Mo' Better Blues":)

Genome -- cure...

Eastern European Jew -- see Q06

The rest of this poem is self-explanatory, I think..., like Save As and Save All being part of a computer terminology, as well Saving a life, or Save like in savoring-appreciating life etc... 

Recently, I had an honor of having been invited to Michael's son's Bar Mitzvah. I brought my sax and played a few tunes, as per Michael's request, and a promise I've made to him a year ago. Being there was one of the Happiest Memories of my life!!! Reading and giving this poem to Michael was also extremely special!!! As usual, Michael understood all my double meanings, as we stood and talked by the Hudson River... His smile and a hug were my "Grammy"!!!:)

As one of Michael's countless fans around the world, I continue to pray for a "More Quick Genome ", and his complete and speedy recovery!!! 

Thanks a lot for stopping by to read this poem... Here is another poem I have dedicated to Michael... 

On Saturday, January 13th, 2007, Michael passed away... He will be always missed, but never forgotten!!!

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