A Song For Dinah...

Life ain’t fair -- it's a bitch
Even worse when bait and switch
Trust is often hard to find
Add to it the daily grind

Dinah's dying – days(?) to live
When is time a shot to give?   
On my Birthday off the streets
We took her in, gave her treats
Gave her 7 years love,
She was our Soul Glove 

“Her brain tumor is too deep…” -- 
Doctor's words that make us weep…
Life goes on, loved ones depart
So I rhyme to mend my heart

As I walked, I saw dead fish
Pulled in restaurant for dish --
Backstage drama makes cuisine  
As we choose our protein…

Dinah, as dogs do, chased birds
Gentle Killer beyond words
A Food Whore, she gave me paw
When is time for her no more? 

Like drunk sailor tries to walk
Can she hear baby talk
That her aching parents weep? --
“Her brain tumor is too deep…” 

They'll eat fish in S’Agapo --
Strong eat weak -- perhaps God's Law...
Loosing loved ones  -- never fun
And tomorrow is new Sun…

                   Monday, November 13, 2006, 4:01 PM

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*S’Agapo ("Love Ya" in Greek) was the name of the restaurant that I was passing by just as I was rhyming this poem. A felt the connection between the scene of a giant freshly caught fish being dragged into that eatery, and the content of my poem!

On November 15, 2006 @ 10:37 PM, Dinah went to Heaven, where good girls like her are allowed to drive...

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