Dinah doesn’t understand
Who’s a foe, who’s a friend
‘Cause she simply is divine
And "forgiveness is canine"...

Dinah craves long walks with me
Just like people she must pee
Joyous jumping, wagging tail --
She wants to get world’s email

Dogs have their AOL
Which is more then mere smell
Doody, urine tell their stories
Dogs, like people, have their worries

Hope my Dinah’s always healthy
‘Cause of her I’m feeling wealthy
She is sweeter then a pie
Furry Cookie from the sky!

This dog has a golden soul
She makes me feel ten feet tall
Hooked on belly rubs, like junky
She loves chewing her toy monkey!

Hope my Dinah lives forever
Quiet, gentle, and so clever
Till we go to the sky
She’s my girl, and I’m her guy!

Sunday, November 21, 1999, 7 PM

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