War of Fads?!

Twitter, Facebook and MySpace
Linkedin, Plaxo - all that maze!
Chasing eye balls to bring ads
Who will win the War of Fads?

Everyone has their Page --
No big deal - the latest rage
Fill the boxes and Log In
You are now on the scene!

Time is short, and getting shorter,
I am no news reporter
I am just saying what I see
This applies to all and me

Add TV, and all the chores
A full plate for money whores
So I try the best I can
As they want me as Fan 

Click, Subcribe, and get the news
Hit Delete or read the views
Twitts, emails, SMS
Through the Cloud - what a mess!

Click Reply or Forward, then
Maybe you'll become my Fan?
Only few ones are true blue
My best wishes and adieu!

            Thursday, February 12, 2008, 4:30 PM !!!

Copyright © Arkady



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If you haven't heard Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, then you must have been living on Mars lately (pun intended)! Or maybe we all have been? It's how one looks at it, right? Anyway, those are what is known as Social Sites. These two, Linkedin, Plaxo are in the same "folder". 

There are a lot of similarities between all those sites-portals, and thus the redundancies. Which ones of those will be bought out, and absorbed by their competitors, or whomever, and which ones will be left standing under their original names - that remains to be seen!

 Luck most of my friends, I have mixed feelings about all those sites, but then I joined some of them, so I can see for myself what it's like. The verdict is not in yet... 

Meanwhile, you might find this Charlie Rose Interview informative:

A conversation with Chris DeWolfe And Tom Anderson, founders of Myspace.com


And there are bunch more of great conversations at CHARLIEROSE.COM

Have fun, and Many True Blue ones onto YOU:)!

OK, and now back to MUSIC:)!

ARKADY, February 12, 2009, NYC, Earth

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