Life On Mars!

Altos, Sopranos, Life On Mars,
“Can’t Make It Up”! Call it a Farce?!
TV Series, who is in it? --
Whatever it takes to make it a hit!

Vintage Cars, period clothes, 
“Can’t Make It Up”! -- Not overdose!
Trailers, sitar, catering food,
Colorful extras making a mood

Me and iPod, polishing scales, 
We all are actors, making the sales,
Each in our movie… -- I took a walk, 
And with a star had a short talk

No attitudes, now “made guy”,
Star through Sopranos -- so I said “Hi!”,
Christopher-Michael --  70’s look,
This is all going into my book!

Will I ever write it? – Time will tell,
Life On Mars, let it do well!
We all have our dreams,
Some may come true,
Cameras! Action! And Déjà vu!

Clear blue sky, priceless skyline,
My New York Song, not just a rhyme!
A Day In The Life of Arkady “As Is” -- 
“Can’t Make It Up”! Call it Show Biz?! 

Maceo Parker grooving in D,
“There Was A Time” – I could just pee!
Metronome?! – Screw that! Got me iPod,
Now back to music – Mission from God!

Nine Eleven tomorrow, seven years later!
Different Mission, Infamous Hater!
Life On Mars, shot by Hell Gate, 
Where I practice, Bridge towards Fate?

Feeling inspired, blame it on Sun,
Love English language, “Weapon of Fun”!!!
Altos, Sopranos, Life On Mars,
“Can’t Make It Up”! This is NO FARCE!

            Wednesday, September 10, 2008, 8:00:53 PM

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After a mini agony, today, Thursday, October 9, 2008, I decided to Publish (Upload) this webpage that I made right after I wrote this poem. Hey, with all the crazy stuff these days -- Wall Street!!!, US Presidential Elections etc -- my English and this multimedia webpage seem a bit less "from Mars" -- an expression that is often used as a euphemism for CRAZY!:)! Plus, what's one more "Maverick" among friends, "my friends"?! If you didn't get my joke, see click here, "my friends"

It's Thursday, October 9, 2008, 10:40 PM right now, and I am watching this TV Show's Premier -- got my DVR on Pause... Nice thing to have, but it would have sounded CRAZY, "from Mars", if I had to explain it to someone back in 1973....

If I get enough of a Feedback from this webpage, maybe I'll post more photos related to this? And, as to the plot of this TV Show -- Time Travel concept is not unusual -- this reminds me of going back to Kiev, Ukraine, and seeing were I grew up... It was like Time Travel too!

Or maybe I'll even do a mini Blog, time permitting...?! For now, keep Emptying the Cache, and Refreshing this webpage in your browser, to see the latest version of this page, and if I have added the Link to that Blog, or new Photos. Or you can Subscribe to The Arkady Newsletter on my Contact Page!?

OK, I'll press Play Button again now, here in 2008... Hope you like this TV show... Thus far, 26 minutes into it, I like it! I am not  sure if ABC TV is like HBO, where one could catch the re-runs! Maybe you can catch it with ABC On Demand; if that's part of your Cable TV Package; or, if you have a fast Internet Connection, you can watch it here online; or Download each Episode, or the Entire Series to you iPod or iPhoe from iTunes, obviously after the end of each season, or buy the entire Season on DVD later?! -- Nice things to have, but it would have sounded CRAZY, "from Mars", if I had to explain it to someone back in 1973....

So that this poem doesn't sound too "from Mars", here is a brief background:

On September 10, 2008, they were filming a TV Show near Hell Gate Bridge in Astoria Park, in NYC. That's one of the places where I've been practicing this past Summer, in 2008! With iPod playing Maceo Parker track, or whatever to keep it interesting, who needs metronome?!. I find practing outdoors pretty liberating, weather permitting! In general, changing the location where I practice is very helpful -- breaks up the monotony!!!

That's why I had my sax on me that day, in these photos...

So, I walked over to the set, where they were filming this show, and said "Hi!" to one of its lead actors! -- For years, I've been a fan of Michael Imperioli, formerly "Christopher" in Sopranos, on HBO. He turned out to be very gracious! Maybe it was cause I had a sax, iPod, cell phone, digital camera on me?! -- and thus wasn't a bum:)!? Or maybe he thought I was one of the extras?!?!?

Hey, as I have often said:

Sometimes I think we are all extras in the movies of others....

All Photos © ARKADY.COM

When I got home from the park, this Opening Line came to me:

"Altos, Sopranos, Life On Mars,
Can’t Make It Up! Call it a Farce? "

As usual, I knew I had a poem knocking on my soul... And an hour or so later, I made this "webpage"... A fun thing to do  sometimes, but it would have sounded CRAZY, "from Mars" if I had to explain it to someone back in 1973....

Hopefully all the Links on this page help explaining this poem!

Weaving in these "enharmonic common word-tones" was particularly fun :





Hey, that's an Alto Saxophone in my hand, not a trumpet, or tuba !

And to kick off this poem, I made word "Alto" plural, so it plays nicely with word "Sopranos", with intentional double meaning, pun, being the musical term for the vocal range!

Hey, it's a free country, right?! And I loved Sopranos on HBO!

Life On Mars




This is an ABC TV Series. Premiers on October 9th, 2008 @ 10PM

They were filming it in Astoria on September 10th, 2008, when I wondered on the set. Too bad I ate, cause there was lots of food there for  your "inner party crasher" ... I liked that movie too?!

See this TV Series Widget at the bottom of this page!

"Can’t Make it up!!!" Click on the link to the left, and look for "Can’t Make it up"... Miss you Michael Brecker!!!

Vintage Cars, period clothes



It was amazing to see all that old clothes next to iPhones, iPods, digital cameras, and other  things that we take for granted in 2008! Imagine if Time Travel was possible, the folks in 1973 would thing that we were from Mars! And “There Was A Time” before 1973 too - hey, I love puns!

Trailers, sitar, catering food...





Trailer Trucks were huge 18 wheelers portable houses! 

Word "Trailer" is also a Movie Industry term.

Sitar -- one of the extras was a sitar player! They looked like hippies from the musical, "Hair"

Catering - if you are hired to do a job as an "extra", don't eat for a few days before! And definitely do not bring a sandwich! But a bag? YES!



I actually did a job as an "extra" in "Hitch"! Lots of sitting around and eating like you are trying to kill yourself!!! Here are the Photos to prove it!!! !!! The wedding band scene, that I was in, got cut, but that didn't stop the residual payments!!! Cool, ha?!

"polishing scales"    


With my colorful English, I meant "practicing" my saxophone etc. And, if you haven't heard about iPod by now, you HAVE been "living on Mars"!


Michael Imperioli, great actor! Remember him as Christopher in Sopranos on HBO?!

"made guy" mobespeak


See the T-Shirt I am wearing? I only wish I bought more than one at Macworld (2003?) in NYC's Javitz Center! Hey, I love Mac, Apple!!! And this logo is a subtle and clever play on "I Love New York" marketing theme logo...

Cameras! Action!

"LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!" - Movie Industry lingo...

Déjà vu

You don't have to be or speak French to have one!

Nine Eleven

Again, if you haven't heard about September Eleven - 9/11/01 by now, you HAVE been "living on Mars"!

Day In The Life of Arkady

Wordplay on the title of a great song -- "A Day In The Life of a Fool"!

"New York Song"                   

Wordplay on the title of my original song that I hope to record one day! And if I could get Stevie Wonder to sing it, I'd be a "made guy" too:)!!!

Maceo Parker grooving in D


















Hey, let this music speak for itself! Watch this Video in Full Screen!!! But first, put your dancing shoes on and get toilet paper!

As to Metronome-iPod thing, I just used that video's audio track to practice with! In general, I find practicing with iPod more exciting than Metronome. And the fantasy of being on that gig feels great! Try it!

And with the Amazing Slower Downer (ASD) I can change the pitch or and speed of the audio tracks independently before I transfer them to my iPod, or an iPhone (getting it soon!). Hopefully, one day, ASD, will have an iPod-iPhone Version, so that no pre-production is needed on the computer prior to syncing to iPod-iPhone...

Hey, we are allowed to dream, right?!

Infamous Hater World's Most Wanted CRIMINAL!

Hell Gate Bridge

I love to practice there! "Grant me Serenity!" and TIME!!!... Got lots of great stories there! 

“Weapon of Fun”!!!                  




Wordplay on "Weapon Of Mass Destruction", a.k.a. WMD! But, if you really want to dig deeper... -- when I was a kid in Kiev, Ukraine, Back In The USSR, I heard this expression: "From love to knife two steps!". The implication was that love, "crime of passion" etc. Then I heard the musicians having fun with that expression -- "From saxophone to knife two steps!"... The implication was that saxophone, being a "Western instrument" could lead to a criminal behavior! Hey, that's Cold War humor for you!



TIME IS ALL WE GOT.... and health to enjoy it, doing what we love, and hanging with the loved ones...

Please see this  ARKADY.COM/TIME Thank you Dr. Randy Pausch!


 Click here to see the Re-Runs of this show for FREE on your computer!!!

Too bad that TV Series got cancelled, thus the above Embedded Video Link won't work! But, I am leaving that Link here for sentimental value... I actually became a fan... Maybe it'll show up in re-runs on Hulu and such, or on DVD, or Mars someday? The lawyers and the "suites" will decide, I guess, while we are here on Earth...

"Hope this Multimedia "Outburst" was as good for you as it was for me!"... And, if you liked it, please tell your friends about this webpage, starting with Michael Imperioli, the star of this show!

Who knows, maybe someone will hire me for their kid's Bar/Bat Mitzvah ?!

Hey, I am great with children, and pets...

                                                 -- Arkady, Wednesday, September 10, 2008, 9:22 PM


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